In light of the current situation, every school will be working with some combination of E-learning and school cancellations. To accurately record these events, two additional calendar types will be available starting March 19th.

These new options are:

  • E-Learning Day
    • An E-Learning Day still counts as an instructional day and will be counted against evaluation timelines.
  • Canceled - COVID 19

Within Indiana IEP, District Administrators have the ability to adjust the district calendar. When you log into Indiana IEP, the calendar is located on the green menu bar at the top of the screen between SmartScan and PCG. Click the calendar icon to view the current district calendar. The district calendar will then appear. Click the day you wish to address. Click "Day Type" and select the type that fits best.

Continue this process for each day as needed.

Regardless of school building closures, Annual Case Reviews (ACRs) must be conducted within the one-year timeline. Prior to scheduling conferences, review the considerations within this guidance document to effectively plan and conduct remote case conference committee meetings.

When providing remote instruction and learning activities to students with Individual Education Programs (IEP) and Section 504 Plans, it is required to provide accommodations as stated within each student’s plan. This guidance document can assist teachers in supporting students during continuous learning.