IDOE’s Office of Assessment and Office of Special Education, in partnership with the Indiana IEP Resource Center, have released a webinar series regarding assessment accommodations for the 2021-2022 school year. The webinar series includes separate webinars for the I AM, ILEARN, ISTEP+ Retest, and IREAD-3 assessments. Each video covers new and notable accommodations available for the assessment, tutorials for how those accommodations appear in Indiana IEP, and frequently asked questions related to assessment accommodations. Please reach out to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

Regardless of school building closures, Annual Case Reviews (ACRs) must be conducted within the one-year timeline. Prior to scheduling conferences, review the considerations within this guidance document to effectively plan and conduct remote case conference committee meetings.

Date: November 30, -0001

When providing remote instruction and learning activities to students with Individual Education Programs (IEP) and Section 504 Plans, it is required to provide accommodations as stated within each student’s plan. This guidance document can assist teachers in supporting students during continuous learning.


The Indiana IEP Resource Center is hosting another year of Conversations with Authors. If you are interested in learning more about trending titles directly from the authors, consider joining the conversation! Each author will provide an overview of the content within their book and how the information can positively impact educators and/or their students. A new author will be featured each month. Most sessions will take place virtually from 10:00 – 10:30 AM (EST) the third Thursday of the month from September through June. Sessions will be recorded for individuals to watch at their convenience if they are unable to attend the scheduled sessions.

*Please note the session on October 21 is longer than other sessions. The session will be from 10:00 – 11:00 AM (EST).

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Conversations with Authors featuring Jennifer Spencer Iiams (9/16/21) –

Conversations with Authors featuring Dominique Smith (10/21/21) –

Conversation with Authors featuring Dawn Miller (11/18/21) –


Conversations with Authors Recordings

This presentation contains multiple videos.  Use the Playlist icon playlisticon to access.


In light of the current situation, every school will be working with some combination of E-learning and school cancellations. To accurately record these events, two additional calendar types will be available starting March 19th.

These new options are:

  • E-Learning Day
    • An E-Learning Day still counts as an instructional day and will be counted against evaluation timelines.
  • Canceled - COVID 19

Within Indiana IEP, District Administrators have the ability to adjust the district calendar. When you log into Indiana IEP, the calendar is located on the green menu bar at the top of the screen between SmartScan and PCG. Click the calendar icon to view the current district calendar. The district calendar will then appear. Click the day you wish to address. Click "Day Type" and select the type that fits best.

Continue this process for each day as needed.

How does crisis impact my body? My finances? My relationships? My career? Facing these difficult questions can leave us feeling physically weak, emotionally vulnerable, and lacking in hope. Our attempts to navigate from the chaos of crisis into a new normal is a process that has the potential to deplete all areas of our lives. The good news is that not only is personal balance and strength attainable — even in and through crises — but as we nurture it, we will find ourselves maximizing our impact in our scope of influence.

This class guides participants through the five areas of wellbeing: physical, occupational, emotional, financial, and spiritual. Not only does the workshop empower participants with a mandate for self-care, it offers a template with practical, actionable strategies to achieve and maintain wellness in each of the five core areas of well-being. One of the most loving things we can do for those depending on us is to offer them the best version of ourselves. Come. Nurture wellness. Grow strength.


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The habits we form in the early stages of our vocation as educators will help — and potentially haunt — us for the rest of our careers. The good news is that with greater self-awareness comes a greater ability to be self-regulated, meaning we can deliberately shape who we become as professionals. Knowing and regulating our personality style is a great place to start that process.

The goal of this master class is to help us understand our personality style and learn how the strengths and weaknesses associated with our personality style can make us glow while bringing weaknesses that we can grow.

Participants will complete the Educator Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (EASEL), an online personality test developed by Dr. Adam Saenz and his colleagues at Texas A&M University; after completing the online test, participants will immediately receive an email response with a comprehensive report outlining strengths, weaknesses, fears and potential biases that impact their performance in the classroom.


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