This document provides an example of SLD eligibility criteria, decision points, and potential data sources. The document was created for illustration and demonstration purposes only and should not be adopted for district use without review and completion.

Presented by Dr. Carrie Ball, this webcast addresses methods used to analyze student progress during interventions to document rate of improvement for use in SLD identification. Resources including powerpoint slides, an Excel graphing tool, and instructions are also provided.

This presentation was made by Dr. Leah Nellis, Nancy Zimmerman, and Stephanie Pemberton at the Indiana Association of School Psychologists Fall 2011 Conference. The presentation used case examples and resources developed to assist school teams with SLD identification.

This webcast provides an overview of considerations related to SLD evaluation and identification according to Indiana’s Article 7 requirements. The webcast is based upon the document Considerations in Specific Learning Disability Evaluation and Eligibility Determination.

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