This systematic observation form was created by Edward Daly, Ph.D. to record a target student’s academic engagement and problem behavior as well as a peer’s behavior. This document (.pdf) can be printed and completed while observing the student in the classroom setting.  You can also download this document in MS Word format.

 Additional Downloads:

Completed example of systematic observation form created by Edward Daly, Ph.D.


The purpose of any child assessment is to support their learning and development. This video serves as a resource to Indiana school corporations considering the most effective assessment instruments for preschool evaluations. In a question answer format, three Indiana school corporations share their reasons for adding ISTAR KR to their referral and evaluation process how they use it, as well as, the impact of using ISTAR KR at the referral and evaluation and how their providers use it to monitor child progress and enhance family understanding of their child's development.